Tuesday, February 23, 2010



this is an absolutely ENORMOUS painting. i think it's like 48" x 60" or more. i had so much fun with this just slapping a ridiculous amount of paint on with a palette knife. it was sort of freeing to not meticulously dab on tiny amounts of paint like i'm gonna run out--i've seriously had the same tubes of paint for like SIX YEARS so i don't know why i'm so uptight. 

anyway, it was fun. but i have no idea where i'm supposed to put this huge thing now.


mrs.deane said...

wow. so what/whom inspired it???

Extra Fancy said...

this is amazing.. i don't know how you find all the time to make SO much art that is also so amazing.. and craft.. and raise a family.. you are so inspiring!

(btw, i got here from rachel's blog :)