Saturday, February 20, 2010

a quilt for esther

about two weeks ago my friend esther lost her mom. i'm no stranger to pain, but this kind of grief is currently beyond my comprehension. still, i was super bummed for her. the morning after i heard the news i started working on this.

esther's quilt

i guess one of the thoughts behind this was that quilts are comforting. at least to me. nothing makes me feel as nice as wrapping up in a comfy blanket when i'm bummed. and of course, being a person who has a hard time sitting still and doing nothing, and being in a situation where you really can't do anything to help, i had to come up with something. to. do. since i'm kind of a moron when it comes to comforting words, this was my answer.

esther's quilt detail

i really liked the fabrics, and i really liked the effect of only quilting the plain gray fabric. it gives it a weird illusion of depth when you're looking at it. plus i just didn't want the quilting to overwhelm the pretty amy butler fabric.

i admit i was pretty nervous about this. there's always the possibility when making something for someone that they'll hate it, or think you're weird for making something so...i don't know, eloborate? for them. but she seemed to like it so that was good.


Susan said...

this is really so neat, jen. the gray fabric is so awesome. i love the detailing. i'm glad you left the butler fabric alone. it is so busy (in a good way) already, and doesn't need any embellishing, so you were right on with your instincts on that.

what a lovely gift for a friend. i'm also glad it wasn't in super bright cheery colors. that just wouldn't seem right, would it?

MY quilt is all nice and broken in now :) it doesn't have a bit of stiffness left in it. i'm about to throw it in the wash, actually. i can't wait to feel it fresh and warm from the dryer all smelling of lavender!

again. thank you so much, i love it.

jen smith said...

jenn, this is a perfect illustration of exactly how thoughtful and awesome you are. what a lovely friend.
i'm sure that she loved (and loves) this more than anything that you could have said. and she will always remember that when she sees it, i'm sure!
God is using your talents!!

Anonymous said...


I didn't like it...I looooved it. yep that's a four o kind of love. you are great friend and a wonderful blessing to me. Thank you again for the beautiful quilt.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

What a beautiful quilt AND a beautiful gift.