Monday, March 22, 2010

how does your garden grow

 i can't tell you how excited i get to see things grow. here are my little beet seedlings sprouting away outside. i think i'm the only person in my family that's excited about growing beets. i know. i'm weird. 

these are my mystery plants. well, okay, the one on top is some kind of pumpkin, i know because i threw one of the moldy jack-o-lanterns into the compost pile last fall and as soon as it started warming up a little i had fifty thousand pumpkin seedlings growing everywhere. we decided to just transplant them to the side of the yard to see what would happen. either they'll die, or we'll wake up one morning with our backyard turned into a labyrinthine pumpkin patch. anyway,  i don't know if these are white, orange, or what. the plant on the bottom is...chamomile. i think. it sprouted forever ago and i've been babying it to find out what it would become. 

here is one of my million tomato plants. i've got sweet 100, big boy, better boy, and beefsteak. the funny thing is, i don't even like tomatoes. i guess i'll be doing a lot of canning.

zucchini!! yay! off to the right are acorn squash, but they look exactly the same so i didn't take a picture. 

i've also got some carrots starting to sprout, and in a few weeks i'll be getting my sweet potato plants. a friend of mine is bringing me some blueberry bushes this week. :) 

now if only i can keep from killing all these pretty green things.

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mrs.deane said...

awesome!!! your church friends and neighbors will probably love you once you start handing out free tomatoes and pumpkins. my friend nicole and her hubby grew cinderella pumpkins in their backyard and the plants were enormous and ended up taking over the yard. but they loved it and the pumpkins were beautiful.