Friday, March 19, 2010

blood, thread, and tears

15+ yards of fabric, 3 weeks of cutting and sewing

100 straight pins, 1000 meters of thread, 49 squares,

 one trashcan full of scraps and trimmings, an unspecified but embarrassing amount of money, and one partially severed finger later

and you get this:

wedding quilt front

wedding quilt back

wedding quilt wrapped

i hope they like it.


Ashley said...

How could they not like it? It's GORGEOUS! And I love the row of squares on the back. Such a fun detail! If they send it back to you, feel free to forward it on to me!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, amazing. She is going to loooooove it. Love the little store tag too. Is this the beginning of something profitable. O.K. maybe not queen size quilts but smaller ones and other doo-dads to sell.

blessedby5 said...

Wow lady that is awesome!! Love it all:-) YOu rock! My few words of encouragement;) My quilting Guru.

Mrs. Vincent said...

I love the colors! I have been in a navy blue mood lately, but I like it with the green and the lighter blue. Very nice. You should be very proud, it looks awesome!

Susan said...

it's awesome, jenn!

foldreformer said...

Jenn, I see that you are branding your name, and so I checked etsy to see if you had a shop. Unfortunately, someone has taken your name and from the photo, it sure didn't seem like it was you. So if you do want to open up some sort of shop, here's a name I'll throw at you, its not taken at the moment: Quilty As Charged

huh? huh? what do you think? I saw it somewhere, so it's not my genius, and you probably aren't in the market of opening and etsy shop, but just in case you were, I thought I'd mention it :O)

foldreformer said...

Of course, Blood Thread and Tears is ingenious too ;O)

When I was thinking of getting into needle felting, I though of naming a shop Blood Sweat and tears, but thought that people might get grossed out over the thought of me bleeding all over their purchased needle felted goodies :O)

britt said...

GORGEOUS! I love this quilt and the recipients will love it too. The colors make me weak in the knees!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

thanks everybody! i really liked how this turned out. i wasn't too sure about the colors at first--i was told she liked "mustard yellow and gray" which sounded gross to me, plus it wasn't a whole lot to go on for making a quilt. but i think it came out pretty well, and i ended up LOOOOVing the color combo.

esther and kellee, the tag was a joke, i just put in there to include washing instructions. i've known "jenn of all trades" was taken as a shop (and website) for awhile now. there's no original thought left anymore. *sigh*

rachel.lyn said...

when i saw it i wanted to hide it in my car & take it home....BEAUTIFUL! i know she will love it. you did a great job, jenn :)