Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wedding quilt progress report

The day before yesterday i got the wedding quilt top put together. at first it was going to be more of a rectangle but it looked weird so i left it a square. yesterday i added a gray border to the outside to beef it up a little, then i made the backing. then i did one of my least favorite parts of the quilt-making process: i pinned all the layers on the torture--i mean, uh--quilting rack.

now, actually quilting the layers together is something i don't usually enjoy. it's tedious, and whoever the sadistic jerk is who designed quilting frames to begin with just wasn't taking people's backs into consideration. it's at this awkward height where if you sit the frame is too high, and if you stand you have to hunch over to see what you're doing. i've been using this frame for a year now and every time i use it my back and neck hurt for weeks afterward. i'm not kidding. it sucks.
well today i came up with the perfect solution, and i'm kicking myself that i didn't think of it sooner. a long time ago, i bought these thingies that are for making your bed higher, only they didn't work with our bed so i just stuck them in the closet. until today!

see how perfect it is! now it's the ideal height! no more hunching! no more anger and headaches and pathetic pleas for backrubs! okay, well, i'll still probably beg for backrubs cause they're just nice. but now i won't be so desperate. 
so anyway, it's coming along nicely i think. it might even be done on time for the actual wedding. let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

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foldreformer said...

jenn, it's amazing! What a wonderful wedding gift!