Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ATC's anyone?

So I just recently started reading about these things called Artist Trading Cards, or ATC's, and I have to admit I dig the concept. I like being able to play around with different styles and techniques on such a small scale because a) if you mess up, it's only the size of a playing card so it won't break your heart to throw it away, and b) you can make a few here and there when the mood strikes. And I like the idea of getting little mini art from other people. 

Admittedly I don't know tons about it--it seems like it could be potentially really dorky and/or cheesy. I am a little afraid I'll get traded some lame stuff with puppies or butterflies (although I like some butterflies, like this one) but I guess that's just part of the element of surprise. After all, you can be unpleasantly surprised and it still counts as a surprise, right?

Anyway, the above two cards I'm sending off today to my partner, who says she likes robots and spaceships. I had fun making these. Hopefully she'll like them!

On a side note, my kids are now fixated on making these, too. I had about ten little cards with stick figure drawings and crayon scribbles littering my art table last night, ha ha. My husband came in, looked at us, and said, "You guys are obsessed."

Anybody else want to make these and trade with me??


Erica said...

How awesome are these!!! I'd love to make some and trade with you. Are there rules or something?

Jenn Grigoryev said...

the only rule is they have to be exactly 3.5 x 2.5 inches. that's it! i'll totally trade with you!

Erica said...

Sweet! I'll get working on a couple this weekend. And I'm definitely going to mention this on my blog.

Susan said...

I LOVE your robot card! The first time I saw these (and received one), it was from Emily Martin, or, The Black Apple. I love the one she sent to me!

blessedby5 said...

Man if I could only draw, I would so be there;) They look so cool:-)