Monday, June 14, 2010

Fabric I'm in love with but can't at all justify buying right now

That subject line says it all. The husband's A/C in his car broke, so this months spending money is all going toward that. Alas for my fabric stash. In lieu of some unconscionable purchasing, I'll just share some of my faves on here to make me feel better.

Heather Ross--Far, Far Away (Aqua Palette)

I have so loved Heather Ross' designs. The mermaids of her Mendocino line were my introduction, and since then I've drooled over her other designs, Munki Munki pant legs for sale on Etsy, the Princess and the Pea, and now this cute Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel stuff. I like the washed out colors and her distinctive style. Too bad it's home dec weight, it would make such a cute baby quilt otherwise.

Monaluna for Birch Fabrics--Circa 50

Of course because it's organic it has to be like 17 bucks a yard, which I cannot afford. But it's so fun! My oldest wants a quilt with the rockets. I like the cars and the trees myself.

I pretty much love Saffron Craig. But again with the hefty price-tags which prohibit my owning these prints.

There are so many more but these are my biggest favorites right now. Maybe someday...

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Anonymous said...

I loveeee the first set. Oh man. Droolz.