Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back in the saddle again

After a few weeks off I'm finally sewing again. I admit, I got a little discouraged, feeling like it's such an insurmountable task, and that I'm just sitting here all alone in my hot little sewing cave making quilts while the world goes on outside...well anyway, a few weeks of doing other things has really helped me gain some perspective and sort of recharge my quilting batteries. Here's what I've been working on the last few days (not the greatest pics but they're works in progress so I didn't bother):

I used Keiki Tweet Tweet for the bricks and Kona in "Honeydew" for the border and backing.

A simple squares quilt--Amy Butler, Monaluna, Amy Schimler, and Deb Strain. Okay, yeah, my son does NOT know how to hold a quilt straight. Alas.

Ignore the pins, I haven't finished quilting it yet. This one was a fun break from piecing. I used Anna Maria's Super Circles Tutorial to make these circles and applique them onto the sheet. You can't tell because of the way he's holding it but those circles are darn near perfect. So satisfying. I used some leftover Michael Miller, Monaluna, and some cute stuff from Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel collection.

Anyway, it's good to be back to work again. Admittedly the pics are crap, but what do you think so far?

Anybody out there?


Susan said...

The circle one is so unique - I love it! I think that pattern/idea would make for an awesome tablecloth!!!

My comment verification word is: coment

Sorry. That was just funny to me ;)

Jenn Grigoryev said...

That is funny. And now I want a giant dot tablecloth. See what you did??

Jenn Clark said...

That circle one is awesome. I don't think I could ever cut a perfect circle. I have yet to sew at all this week and that was my plan while at my mom's. Hm...