Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you for your kind support

Finally getting around to posting a picture of the quilt I received last week. The lighting outside has been kind of icky so you'll have to settle for this indoor pic.

Cute, huh? It looks better in real life, as do all the quilts I post on here. Thanks so much Genevieve for giving this quilt, I know someone in Swaziland will be so blessed.

In other news, I'm still on quilting hiatus over here--for various reasons. Since this project has sort of been taken out of my hands I've decided not to be so focused on it. I am still going to be making quilts for the project of course, just not as...psychotically as I have been.

Today I ordered some cool seeds from an organic seed website. Yay! Seeds are fun. Now that my spring garden is reaching the ends of its Florida heat tolerance I'm starting to plan my fall/winter garden (one of the FEW perks of living in Florida) and I think I have a better idea of what to do and what not to do. For example, never EVER buy tomatoes from Home Depot. They have blight. And the blight spreads through the soil to the healthy plants. I've watched with growing aggravation as the organic tomatoes I babied from seeds grew up into gorgeous plants that soon withered and blackened from those dang Bonnie Bell tomatoes. Another month and I'm going to have to solarize my soil to kill the blight so I don't get it in the next crop.

That being said, it's been really fun to a) walk outside and just grab food and eat it right there, and b) to realize after years and years that I DON'T have a black thumb after all. I just suck at apartment-dweller gardening, that's all.

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