Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Oil on canvas
24 x 48
More painting. I'm really REALLY running out of wallspace here...I don't get it!! We buy a house and I thought--YES! I'll have so much more space to hang paintings! But I don't and it's weird. Oh well. 

These dark, dreamy sort of girls are fun to paint, although my house is starting to look excessively girl-centric. Part of it is because I like painting hair. And arms for some reason. Part of it is that I feel like it would be weird to paint guys. ??? I don't know. I try to get my husband to model for me but he's not really into that sort of thing. I guess you could say I'm evening things out--I've got four dudes in the house, I've got to have some female company even if they're somewhat two-dimensional.Oh, HA HA my sides are aching I'm so hilarious.
Ugh...what am I talking about here? I have no idea. I'm really tired.

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