Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oil on canvas
30 x 40

Today (actually, yesterday really) I decided that I need at least a week away from my sewing machine. And not some little five second lets-make-some-artist-cards break--a real break, where my sewing machine is unplugged and my stash is hidden away and I FORCE myself to do something else. I've been dying to paint lately, so instead of going, "No, I can't, I have so many quilts to make!" I said "Yes, you can, the quilts aren't going anywhere, the trip isn't until September!"

So I did. And it was fun. Kinda short lived because I was determined not to overwork it and ruin it, but satisfying.

In other news, I received a beautiful little quilt for Swaziland in the mail to come soon.


Anonymous said...

ok this looks like Brooke. yes?

rachel.lyn said...

very pretty.

love the darkness of it :)