Thursday, July 22, 2010

No, I'm not dead

...just busy. And sick. Here's the bullet point for the last few weeks:
* A week of getting ready for the triple threat weekend: our anniversary, middle son's birthday, and fourth of July.
*A week of preparing to be at VBS
*The actual week of VBS. I was busy herding Kindergartners so I didn't get any pictures, but it was great.
*And lastly, the week of VBS resulted in this week which has mostly been me carrying around my heavy congested head and wishing my kids came with mute buttons.

The Swaziland quilts are gone! That is, at least, they're gone from my sewing room. I took them all to the church to start adding to the pile. I think we've actually got over forty quilts, which makes me smile and sigh with relief. Everyone was excited to see all the different quilts plus the cute crocheted dolls I received....oh dang. I just realized I forgot to get pictures of those to put on here. Man! I'm so scatterbrained lately. Anyway, the trip is in September so be sure to check back after that for pictures of the quilts in action. Yay!

With all the quilts being done and gone, I'm taking advantage of the cleaned out sewing room by using it to make more, even bigger messes. This week, to take my mind off my compressed brain and nagging cough, I turned the back room into a greenhouse/upholstery room. I built a new light box and started a whole mess of seeds--most of them the herbs I plan on putting in my big herb garden.

Then I finally decided to tackle reupholstering the wingback chair I dumpster dived a few years back. THAT has been more than I bargained for, not so much in how hard it is to figure out how to do, but in how hard it is to remove 80 billion staples from the chair frame. Ugh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will all turn out well and I won't have ruined a perfectly good free chair. Here it is in all its naked glory:

As if all that wasn't enough, I also started sewing a dress. It's been ages since I made any kind of clothing for myself and I'd been drooling over this pattern for the last year. So I decided to just take the plunge and just make it already. So far I've got the top bodice sewn, only I sewed one part on wrong (the directions, while cute, are very unclear on this one part) and now I've got to seam rip and re-sew and that's just something my snot-filled head is just not in the mood for right now. So I think I'll try to finish the chair first.

And LASTLY (yes, there is an end in sight for this long-winded post), this Sunday I will be hosting the first meeting of the Tampa branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, of which I somehow ended up being the de facto leader. I'm excited and just a little nervous, because I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing. I've never been a part of any kind of guild or group like this. I'm hoping it will be fun, and I won't make an idiot out of myself.


kellee said...

LOVE the dress pattern :O)

mrs.deane said...

I LOVE Colette patterns!!!

I have been in love with that very same dress and this, too ;)

Jenn Grigoryev said...

That one is cute, it's too bad it would look TERRIBLE on my body, ha. I am in love with the Lady Grey coat and the 40's Ceylon dress--that one makes me want to go swing dancing. :)