Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh, the sultry summer sun

Something about summer makes me not want to blog. Or do much at all really.
It's not that I haven't been doing stuff. Making stuff. Cause I have. In fact, I've been crossing things off my to-do list like a whirling dervish of git-er-done energy. But something about the oppressive Southern summer makes me loathe the very idea of sitting in front of the computer. Which really doesn't make any sense cause it's not like I want to go outside, either. 
Yet here I am. And it's all for you, my few followers who are apparently allergic to leaving comments. That's okay. I don't need comments to feel validated. Really. I don't. I'm serious. 

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my recent endeavors in no particular order. This isn't everything, but since many of the things on my to-do list were particularly unglamorous (things like fixing older clothes and putting chlorine in the pool) I've chosen to be a little more selective with what I post. Ha.

A little embellished...doohickey...for my soon-to-be squeezed out niece. Orange and grey has been one of my pet color schemes for the last few years so this was fun. I like the way the french knots look like confetti sprinkled over the top. Now Willow just needs to get here already.

I took apart a pair of Mal's too-small little slipper shoes and drafted a pattern for a larger size. We're going camping soon and I needed something that would stay on his feet at night and keep them warm. I sewed these out of fabric leftover from the Wedding Quilt, and lined it with fleece on the insides. They came out perfect, and hey look! Orange and gray. 

Here's that Macaron dress I was telling you all about. Gah I hate posting pictures of myself. Anyway. This was my first time really altering a pattern to fit me better, and I have to say I was pleased as punch with myself afterward. I brought the midriff up higher because it sat at a weird spot on me (it looks sort of wavy in the picture cause I've got my hands in the pockets but it's actually straight), and shortened some of the pleats so it wouldn't accentuate my fat (who needs that accentuated, really?). I have to say, I LOVE this dress. I want five more in different colors. It's so comfortable! I made the shell out of stretch poplin which makes the invisible side zipper I slaved over (first time doing it and what a pain!) pretty much unnecessary, but oh well. I'm thinking the next one will be black with dark grey lace for the top. Just to be more dressy. And also because I accidentally destroyed my other black dress. Whoops.

I also nearly finished re-upholstering the wingback chair, and by nearly I mean that after a week of slaving away on it and finishing the whole chair body  I couldn't stand the thought of working on it for one more second and I stopped. The only thing left is the cushion. I know, I know. I need to finish. I don't want to!! But I will. Next week. And then there will be pictures. Promise.


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I'll comment! I'm in the south too and I know what you mean about this heat. It's RIDICULOUS. Those little booties came out adorable. And, you've got to know that the picture of you is cute. Way to go!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

Ha ha, thanks for the comment. I'VE BEEN VALIDATED! YES!!!
And thanks, I really liked the booties and the dress, I was excited to accomplish something non-quilty.

Anonymous said...

love, love the booties, and dress. You may have motivated me into trying that shirt I have been wanting to make and have all the supplies for but haven't started because I am scared of clothes. I think that was a run-on sentence. oh well!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

What in the world Esther! YOU are afraid of clothes...YOU who made Asher band shirts and that little vest...either you're being falsely modest or turning 27 today turned you senile. Oh yes, happy birthday. :)

foldreformer said...

I am in love with your dress too! Maybe I'll make one for myself, I love the colors you said you'll do for your next one, hey, why not a grey and orange?! haha :O)

ps. I can't believe YOU're complaining about comments!

also, what's up with FB? You're off, you're on, you're off, you're on, you're off...


Jenn Grigoryev said...

1) Thanks about the dress.
2) The thing about comments was a joke. If I did this for the comments I would have stopped years ago because I don't get any.
3) About FB--don't ask. The bottom line is I'm not and don't ever plan to be on there for real. Ick.

rachel.lyn said...

love the dress.
and the BOOTIES! gosh i love those booties, good job.
but my favorite is the thingy for Willow...cannot wait to hang it in her new orange and grey themed room! YAY!

Susan said...

The dress is awesome on you. I love your hair that way, too ;) Yay for making things other than quilts (though I hope you never stop making quilts - we use mine every day!).

Hugs, Susan