Saturday, October 2, 2010


 Today was weird. Nothing I would usually do was working out for me, so instead I occupied myself with doodling. I woke up this morning at 4am with a hankering to draw fun little embroidery patterns. I came up with several, but this squirrel guy was my favorite.I started to embroider him today, but my neck was killing me so I quit. He'll be waiting for me when I'm up to it.

Then I did another little drawing with pen and watercolor. Nothing fancy, just...well...doodling.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


Rachel Hauser said...

My day felt odd and unproductive as well. I think it was the binding. Binding just doesn't satisfy me one iota.

Bessie B. said...

Oh, I love your doodles! I have been thinking a lot about sketching some cute embroidery patterns lately, too. Your little squirrel fellow is very darling!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

Thanks, Bessie!

And Rachel, I'm with you--besides basting I think binding is the WORST.

blessedby5 said...

Love them both:-)
I have some flour sack towels I bought plain and would love to embroider on . Thought I would applique but embroidery looks much better:) Go girl!

Susan said...

These remind me of Emily Martin-ish themes/pieces. But so very differently translated. I love the water color work!

jen smith said...

sososososo cute!!!! LOVE the squirrel!