Thursday, April 29, 2010

baby zig

babyzig's been a crazy few weeks. not much time for quilting till now, and naturally when i've got the time and the inclination i have no supplies and no car to get supplies. so today, after i finished binding my red and aqua cross quilt, i decided to make a baby zigzag quilt. this thing is so tiny, but it's cute. i backed it with turquoise cotton velveteen i had laying around and it came out great. now i need to make a big mama zig to go with it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



it's been a little while since i did any art. and i haven't wielded a pencil in a coon's age, so this was fun. plus it was a pleasant reprieve from the two days of a cranky baby with a fever. sweet release i tell you.

and now to bed with me.

peculiar pancakes plus pumpkin procreation

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i'm shamless about trying rack up as many "mom is hilarious" points as i can while the kids are young and still labor under the mistaken notion that i'm actually funny. one of my favorite things to do in this pursuit is to make, as they call them, "silly pancakes". 

now, my mom used to make smiley face pancakes for us when we were little, and i have lots of memories of her standing over the pan with a spoon trying to drip fat swaths of batter into the curve of a mouth or giant eyes. so that's where i started a few years back, and i've been slowly perfecting my technique since then. first of all, i am a firm believer that it's important to have the right tools. behold my weapon of choice: the leftover infant medicine dropper. 

second of all, don't rush. a beautiful work of pancake art requires precision, yes, but patience as well. the design needs time to darken before the rest of the batter is applied or your face will be faint and wan. and there is nothing funny about a wan pancake.unless it's just the way those two words sound together. wan pancake. wan PANcake. WANPAN cake! okay, i'm done.

this morning i also got the opportunity to facilitate some botanical sex. get your mind out of the gutters, pervs, i mean of course that i was out bright and early this morning using a paintbrush to pollinate my pumpkins. we're having a real honeybee crisis as you might know, so i was just, ahem, giving my cucurbits a helping hand. the flowers were huge and wide open this morning, but this is what they looked like a few hours later:

i guess all that baby-making action tuckered them out.
i was tempted to photoshop in a few cigarettes, but thought that might be crude. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this might just be my favorite yet

red and aqua cross quilt

i just finished this new quilt top tonight. i love it. i'm ashamed to say that i'm really struggling with the idea of giving it away. i love the colors. i love the crosses. and it's just my size!! aagghhh.

red and aqua cross quilt detail

well...we'll see how many i can get made before september...maybe i'll have an extra one so this one can stay with me??

not likely.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

look what i got in the mail today!!


today i got a little box dropped off next to my back door. i had a feeling i knew what was inside, but nothing could prepare me for the utter cute awesomeness!

this rad little quilt was donated by teaginny designs for the swaziland project. i can't tell you how excited i am to have someone else interested in this. and this thing is just so cute! the colors are so bright and cheerful and i'm sure it will bless a swazi baby soon. 

here's a detail of the cuteness:

thank you so much, alex, for your kind gift, and your lovely words. God bless you!

preserves, and a fun to-do list

the other day our neighbors sent their kids over bearing baskets of strawberries. apparently they had too many and they were going bad, so they decided to share. well i'm not gonna say no to strawberries.
and they were awesome. more perfectly red strawberries you will never find at the grocery store--not a hint of white in the middle or anything. two baskets were used up immediately with some strawberry shortcake. i don't do that nasty twinkie cake thing with cool whip (shudder). i make big sweet biscuits and whip up some cream from scratch. no pictures because it was inhaled by the family pretty much as soon as it was done.

the other four baskets were getting rank pretty quick, so i decided to make preserves.

i'm not a huge fan of jellies and preserves personally, but my husband goes through jelly like donald trump goes through bad hairpieces. i figured some extra wouldn't go amiss, and i love making things out of stuff i got for free. i do actually like strawberry preserves despite my general apathy, especially when it's slightly tart. so i stopped by our local farmers market to get a few stalks of rhubarb. i can't honestly say i know what the point of that plant is other than helping make preserves--it's absolutely vile uncooked. but paired with strawberries it's DELISH.

this was my first easy preserves-making experience, because instead of just winging it and hoping that hours of boiling would make it jell, i actually bought pectin. like 20 minutes later i had six jars of the yummiest jam ever, and some leftovers in a bowl. i went to church, and when i came home my husband guiltily admitted that he and my two older boys sat down with hot tea and some spoons and ATE THE WHOLE BOWL. man, russians are weird. 

also, this week i have a weird to-do list and felt like sharing.

lastly, i leave you with this: i cut these blossoms off a tree outside, and it's been smelling up my house since saturday. it looks nice with the afternoon sun shining through it i think. is it weird that mason jars are one of my favorite things ever?

Friday, April 2, 2010

quilt #2 for swaziland

swazi quilt  top #2, backlit

finished this quilt top at 7:30 this morning. it's based on the new wave quilt by oh, fransson! i say "based" because i pretty much just looked at the picture and figured it out because i hate following instructions. nevertheless, credit where credit is due.

see that fabric? remember awhile back when i won some anna maria horner fabrics on a giveaway? i've been hoarding it for awhile, sitting in dark closets and rubbing my hands together while chuckling to myself in a creepy fashion whilst daydreaming of how i would put it to use. this seemed like the time and place.

i like taking pictures of these things with light shining behind them, even if the quality isn't great. hopefully i will look good quilted, but i'm just going to keep pumping out tops for awhile before i start that part. i can only handle so much of that quilting rack and the wedding quilt was so crazy that i need a good long break.