Friday, January 21, 2011

A few ideas so far

DQS 10 ideas--batch one

Some random ideas I doodled for the DQS. I was kind of hoping to get a partner with wild tastes so I could go nuts and try a bunch of off-the-wall ideas, but still...there's something satisfying about simplicity. And I do love color. So I'm looking forward to it regardless. 

I have so many ideas, though. It's hard to pin down a favorite. Hopefully my secret partner will give me some anonymous input to help me out here. 

TGIF, baby.


felicity said...

In the (lucky) event that I'm your partner, I would say the asterisks or the subway map interest me the most. All your doodles are GREAT ideas!

Elizabeth D. said...

I love the idea of the mini subway map, that would be really awesome I love how colorful all the sketches are, though. I feel sure your partner will love whatever you make, everything you make is so gorgeous! :)