Thursday, January 20, 2011

light bulb

Back from a few days at Disneyworld with the fam, and already I can't stop thinking about my ideas for the DQS. 

DQS 10 fabric possibilities...

This is what I've been liking lately...bright happy rainbowy colors on a gray or linen background...course this is what I personally like, I don't know how my partner will feel about it. Hopefully she'll like it. Otherwise it's back to the ole drawing board. Course, the drawing board has loads of other ideas on it so I'm not fussed either way. 

Mug rug #1, finished

I finished one mug rug the other day. I like how it came out, but I've got a few other ideas I'm trying out just in case this isn't a hit.

What do all you silent people think? Speaking of silent people, last week I was thinking I'd totally have a little party with myself when I got 50 followers. Which I know it teeny tiny compared to most popular blogs, but for me it's pretty cool. I mean, I'm not a "boost my numbers by doing giveaways" kind of blog, so I am really flattered that anyone would like it enough to read it without all the material benefits. ANYWAY, I just noticed that I have 51 followers. Which means I missed my party already! Drat. Oh well, it's my birthday this weekend so I guess I can settle for a birthday party, even if it's just me and my dudes. :)

Happy Thursday!


Rachel Hauser said...

I really like that stack of fabrics you've pulled for the swap! And, you know you MUST have more than 50 followers. Not everyone uses that GFC button thingy =)

Anonymous said...

According to the stats listed for your blog on Google Reader, you have 70 subscribers to your blog. So, even more than you think!

Susan said...

I am in LOVE with the cathedral windows you made!!! You are awesome, Jenn.