Monday, January 24, 2011

had a party lots of fun, all those presents you got none

So yesterday was my birthday. 
It wasn't a great day. 
I mean, it wasn't awful or anything. Nobody ended up in the emergency room or anything like that.
And it started off good with me getting to sleep in and my husband making me a funny cake out of crepes for breakfast. But then we got ready for church, and loaded up into the car, and it broke. So my husband spent the whole day working on the car (his least favorite chore ever) and I spent the whole day sort of wandering from room to room, trying to think of something to do to take my mind away from the land of pity parties. 

I was not inspired. I didn't want to sew. Or cook. Or basically do anything. I would have liked to read but I just finished my new book so I was out of luck there. 

Then after dinner (and numerous apologies about the suckage of my birthday) my husband gave me this:

Not a riveting read by any stretch, but a really good resource that I've been wanting for awhile now. And then today I checked the mail and got another present from him, one I'm really excited about:

Just for clarification, he didn't give me a chick in an orange dress. He bought me the pattern for the dress: Colette's "Ceylon" pattern. I'm really excited to make this you have NO IDEA. I love everything about it (except the belt. I don't do belts). I'm just hoping it doesn't look hideous on me. 
I'm excited to do a little more fashion sewing now that my need to mass-produce quilts is winding down. 

Today I finished my second option for the Scrappy Mug Rug swap. It's nerdy. And the embroidery came out kind weird cause it's so tiny. And I realized looking at all the other mug rugs in this swap that my binding skills leave something to be desired. BUT I still like it. It's a caffeine molecule on one side and a carbohydrate molecule on the other. Eh? Eh? Get it??

Nerdy Mug Rug--option #2

I know, I know. I'm a huge dork.


Rachel Hauser said...

Oh, no! Sorry about the birthday let down. But, making plans to sew yourself a dress is something to be excited about. I hope to do that when I grow up, teehee.

felicity said...

Aw sorry your birthday sucked. You should definitely get a do-over. That mugrug is beyond awesome. Makes me wish I'd signed up again.

RoseyPosey said...

Aww, sucky birthdays suck! I love your chemistry embroidery though, I guess that makes me a dork too :)

Susan said...

Rats! I stink. I forgot your birthday :( I'm so sorry. The worst part is that I made it a point at the beginning of this month NOT to forget your birthday... I will make it up to you. Love, Susan