Friday, February 25, 2011

a change of pace


Today after I finished the pincushion I still had loads of energy, but needed something non-sewing related to give my brain a break. So I worked in my garden, transplanting seedlings, weeding, etc., and observed all the butterflies. Inspired, I came inside, took a shower, and whipped up this little ink and watercolor one of my own. I've been wishing for one of those dead butterflies in a shadowbox things for awhile now, but they're expensive. Plus, they don't have rainbow butterflies like this. So I'm happy with my faux dead butterfly. And my brain is appreciative of the respite from sewing. As is my neck. 

That being said, I've got more things to sew so it's not like the break will be long. Ha ha. Oh well.


Rachel Hauser said...

it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! You are multi-talented.

Jenn R said...

Jenn - this is absolutely beautiful!!! I'd love to do this on Abby's wall! Great job!!!!