Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring time, it's ringadingading time

Okay well it's not spring in most parts of the country, but here in Florida it certainly is. My nose is dripping, my throat is sore, and my blueberry plants are making buds all over. Which means it's high time for this again:

I love the sight of all these rows ready to produce little tomato, pepper, pea, and various other seedlings. We'll see how it goes, though. My seeds were a tad on the old side. 

Tiptoe through the tulips

The other day my husband came home with these, and I about fainted. You know I'd never ever seen real live tulips before? They're so pretty and happy it's really made the last week of rainy dreary days so much more cheerful. And they smell so lovely. Clean and fresh and...springy. 

Anyway, yesterday I was a busy bee. I cut out and sewed over half of my Ceylon dress, and then because I hadn't had enough productiveness, I got a wild hair to revamp some old clothes. My husband gave me this old gray dress shirt of his last year, but being a men's shirt it didn't fit well. No leeway for the chest, and a nasty pleat in the back fabric that makes it poof out and gives you a delightful hunchback appearance. Ick. So I attacked it. In retrospect I should have taken more photos of the process, but as I was flying by the seat of my pants it didn't occur to me until later.


First thing I did was remove the pocket and the collar. I edge-stitched the remaining part of the collar which gives it that military look. Then I took the collar I'd removed and cut it into to rectangles and made them into simplified, pseudo epaulets. I ripped out the seams connecting the back from the back yoke, ironed out the nasty pleat, and re-sewed it. After that I re-cut the armholes. 

I'm planning on making short sleeves and possibly adding a strip of ribbed knit to the sides to give it a better shape. Also, I'm considering making a black lace bib-style placket for the front, to liven it up and cover up the discoloration from the pocket. This time I'll take pictures in case anyone else get's that re-purposing urge.

Last but not least, here are the solids I've picked out to use in one of doll quilt ideas. There's something about an assortment of Kona that just makes me smile. 

Kona's for DQS

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.

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Rachel Hauser said...

So how old are "old" seeds? I have mine from last spring. (eek, I hate gardening). Your rainbow is quite happy!