Monday, February 14, 2011

A tiny bit of progress

This weekend was so completely awesome. We spent the whole two days outside working--my husband putting new doors on his workshop, and me digging up grass to make a new garden bed. After a week of slugging around barfing and feeling generally awful it was a really nice change of pace. Which left me feeling refreshed and ready to start piecing my doll quilt.

doll quilt progress

This little guy is fun and frustrating at the same time. I had the idea to do tiny patchwork strips for the zig-zags rather than half-square triangles. works and it doesn't. I didn't take into account the points when I designed it, so they're all going to be sort of blunt. Oh well. I still think it looks nice. Two rows down, four to go!


Rachel Hauser said...

Naaah, you meant them to be blunt (wink). Look good.

felicity said...

Looks great! So great that I hope I'm your partner!!