Friday, March 11, 2011

Charley Harper quilt along {a beginning}

Yesterday I started up my Charley Harper quilt. After very little deliberation I decided to go with the cell illustration--the microbes in the water seemed too fussy, and the satellite looks too much like the Death Star from Star Wars. 

I just happened to have all the Kona solids I wanted to match the picture (I still have no idea how THAT happened but I'll glad take the fortuitous fabric surplus) so all I had to do was fuse fabrics and arrange patterns. It was fun. And I have to say I LOOOOOVE where this is going--I have an obsession with cells and microbes, not to mention the mod, graphic style of the illustrations. 

Charley Harper QAL {a beginning}

I hope the end result is as fun as the starting was!


Ethne said...

Looks like your having fun

Rachel Hauser said...

oh, neat! great colors too. hurray for already stashed supplies!