Friday, March 11, 2011

He loves us

I don't have TV, so I usually miss out on all the day to day news, things going on in the world, etc.
But this morning my sister-in-law emailed me about the earthquake in Japan, and it just makes me feel sick inside. It's hard not to feel sick watching fields, cars, houses, and airports being washed away by giant waves.

Part of the reason I feel so ill is that I don't know how to express my heartfelt desire that every person out there would come to know God as I have over the years. He is so good, He loves us so much. I know a lot of people would look at this disaster in Japan and say, "How could a God who loves us allow something like this to happen?" And the answer is that I don't exactly know. I won't pretend I understand Him completely. If I could then He probably wouldn't be God. But I do know, unequivocally and with no doubts, that He loves every one of us and wants us to love Him. He'll do whatever it takes to shake people out of their apathy. If you don't know God, then I ask--why not?

I am fully aware that loads of you are probably thinking, "Ewww...why did she have to bring all this religious stuff into it? I wanted a crafty blog!!" But for this very moment I'm gonna say too darn bad. I won't back down from this--I love God, I've seen over and over again in my life and in others' lives how much He loves us, and I won't be deterred from this opportunity to shout it out to my few little readers--God loves you! He loves all of you. He loves the people of Japan in the midst of this crisis. He loves the people of Haiti, and India, the people who lost homes in Tennessee. Bad events don't mean indifference or hatred on His part. Think of it as an intervention. It hurts, but if you accept it, it can heal.

Okay, I'm done.


Natasha said...

Thanks for posting this!

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Jenny said...

"How could a God who loves us allow something like this to happen?"

I know the answer. Let's get all biblical for a minute. Which reminds me I have to do my Jesus study. Thanks for that, I've been thrown off since I woke up. Sasquatch, my hubby, is stuck in Japan right now so today has been off to say the least!

The answer, biblical. God does not create devastation. We, the sinful, do. The whole earth groans for redemption since the we were dispeled from the garden of eden. When Adam and Eve sinned against God and ate of the tree, the world became broken. What God wants for us is the Garden. How can we blame God for wanting only good for us. It is our job now to prepare the world to know God.

But to be clear, God does smite the wicked. Sodom and Gomorrah are prime examples.