Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April blocks, and a mosaic

This month's quilter for do. Good Stitches requested "shoo-fly" blocks in blue, green, and purple. I have to say these were my favorite blocks to make so far because they were easy peasy. I busted out four in about a half hour. 

April Shoo-fly Blocks

The 80's swap is going strong, we already have 20 something people signed up and I just started advertising yesterday! I made my mosaic today, it makes me laugh.

I Heart the 80's Swap {inspiration}

I'm excited to get started, but we've still got weeks for sign ups, partner selection, etc. In the meantime, I should probably finish up my fifty billion other projects. Yeah. Mmmhmmm.


Tezzcan said...

Yummy blocks, I just got the top left Tufted tweets fabric this morning in the post.

TheBlackForrist said...

I'm very weirded out right now. I randomly clicked on your inspiration image on Flickr for the 80s swap to see what the whole this is about (I'm new to the "swap" idea) and I come to find "Jenn of all trades" which is precisely the blog title I've had going through my head for about a week now (but using Jane in place of Jenn...) so, props on the name choice!!!

Anyway, I took a gander through your blog and am loving everything I see.

I may just have to become a regular visitor for some crafty inspiration, not that I need more projects on my plate, my list is about 5 miles long =]