Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Heart the 80's

After I posted the picture of my two video game quilts, there seemed to be a whole lot of 80's love going around. Inspired, me and Natalie (fellow swapper extraordinaire) decided to put together an 80's inspired swap!

I heart the 80s swap

We've got all sorts of fun and cheesy subcategories (Mullets and Mustaches, Mix Tape Madness, etc.) and all sorts of funny quizzes as we go. It's an "anything goes" sort of swap--mini quilts, hoops, kitchen stuff, totes, whatever you think your partner will HEART. 

Personally, I'm hoping for some more Atari or Nintendo-inspired quilts to add to my collection. :)

Wanna like, totally join us? Sign ups start here, soon!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! I'm jointing the group right now!!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot. I definitely meant "joining," not "jointing." I'm not planning a Fast Times at Ridgemont High 80's item.