Monday, May 2, 2011


mug rug sneak peek

The other day I cut out and fused these little aliens for my partner's mug rug. I was going to hand stitch them originally but they're so small, I didn't want them fraying to pieces. So I opted to machine sew them with a tight zig-zag instead. Man, it's hard to sew tiny things with a sewing machine! But I think ultimately it will work out better.

Now I just need thread to match the rest of the rainbow of aliens. Alas, that trip to JoAnn's will have to wait...I hate the week when the mortgage is due. It's just so spectacularly unfair when BILLS get in the way of my craft supply hoarding. Ha. 

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Jenn R said...

I so hear you on the JoAnn's disappointment! And just when they're sending a slew of coupons...double argh!

Looking forward to seeing the elephant skirt...course what you see as elephant size...might right to some...:) hee hee hee