Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peeks, and selfish sewing

Not such a sneak peek

Today I did a little more work on my partner's mug rug. I made a rainbowy binding to go with it, but alas, I can't finish till have that matching thread. Drat. Also, I don't know if this is something she'll like or not. Somehow I always get the quiet partners when I do swaps, which leaves me biting my nails in anxiety.

So what's a girl to do? I finished my elephant skirt. Pics to come later, when I'm out of my sweaty workout clothes and can manage to not look too hideous. I also made myself another Noodlehead gathered clutch--this time it's all for me. I hardly ever make myself crafty things--clothes, yes; crafty stuff--no. So I felt it was time. 

the Heather Ross clutch

I used up some of my never-ending scraps of Mendocino, and some leftover FFA2 from my niece's quilt.


The only thing that irritated me is the fact that I really wanted to add a little loop to hang onto, and only remembered that desire AFTER I sewed the whole thing together. Poop. Oh yeah, and I sewed the mermaid lining in upside down. Double poop.

Still, I like it. And it's nice to have a shrinking to-do list, to the point where I can just bust out something like this in a hour or so.



SewAmy said...

I think your mug rug is turning out adorable. I woule LOVE to have it. And the sweet bag you made....I love that too.

Anonymous said...

I am in the mugrug swap too - and my partner is also quiet! I am out of creative fun ideas, and might just stick to a beverage style such as Patchwork Pottery's tea themes.

I am kinda super hoping *I* am your partner, as this is the bestest mugrug I have ever seen.

felicity said...

I'm loving both things you've made - the mug rug is looking great! I usually get quiet partners, too, so I just go ahead and make something that makes *me* happy!