Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family tree

When I finally got that frame for Justin's print the other day, it reminded me of the portraits I drew for him and his wife Abby. And that reminded me how I've been wanting to re-do the ones I did of me and Art a few years ago. And how I wanted to do some of the kids as well and have us all on a wall together. So I did. And here they are. 


Art. This one is my favorite--like I literally laugh every time I see it. For those of you who don't know, Art is not a very expressive person normally. Which makes this funny and slightly scary.


Me. My face is fatter than this in real life. But hey, it's an approximation, not a photo, right? Right. 


Ilya. He's still mad at me for giving him a pink shirt. It was supposed to be a washed out red, I swear!


Sashka. Very serious. 


Mal-mal. This is his full-of-mischief face.

I'm glad I finally go around to doing these. I'm really terrible about taking pictures and we have hardly any recent pics of the kids around the house (and NONE of me or Art) so this is a nice addition. 

Especially that one of Art. Ha ha ha.


felicity said...

I absolutely *love* your portraits of your family! How beautifully personal.

The shirt does look like washed-out red. :)

mrs.deane said...


Anonymous said...


You should do a contest on your blog. The winner receives portraits of their fam! and then pick me to win!!!!!!!

That's fair right?