Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet Thingummy and Bob

Chickens # 2 and 3. Thingummy is a Barred Rocks (left) and Bob is a Black Orphington. You would think they were blood sisters the way they stick together, snuggle, and let out big loud distressed PEEEEEEPs if you dare to separate them. 

Henrietta is going through phases. At first she was like, "Who cares that there are new chicks around. I'm depressed." I had to kick her out of the coop every morning and shut it to keep her from going back in immediately to sulk. Slowly she started acting more normal. Then she noticed the new girls. Once that happened, the game of "how can we avoid this big bossy mean chicken at all costs" began. Now Thingummy and Bob are getting bigger, I keep telling her she'd better watch out. Her little runty bantam chicken butt is going to be in big trouble once these babies are all grown up.

Somehow, though, the presence of these little targets has seemed to light a fire under her butt to be a real chicken again. Last night my husband came to the back door and called me and told me to hold out my hand. After much reassuring that it wasn't anything disgusting, I held out my hand and he put this in it:

 The runt's first runty egg!

It probably sounds so dorky and ridiculous, but I was super excited. I made tons of ciabatta yesterday and used the leftovers for french toast this morning, including her egg in the mix. Sure it was tiny and didn't contribute much, but it's like eating your first homegrown tomato. It's just so dang exciting!

On a completely unrelated note, I had to get a picture of this crazy thing in front of my door. 

Not even a year ago I dug up a tiny baby elephant ear plant from the side of the road and put it by my front porch. I hardly ever enter my house through the front door so I never noticed how insanely big it was getting. I'm 5'6" to give you a good idea of just how crazy this is. It's like something from Alice in Wonderland or Jurassic Park or something. One of the other leaves is actually bigger but that one has a wasp's nest on it so I opted for the "smaller" one. Isn't this crazy?! The whole thing is actually growing taller than the eaves of my roof now.

Anyhoo. Good Saturday. Going on an ice skating date for our anniversary (12 years!!) tonight so I'm pretty stoked about that. Fourth of July/middle son's 6th birthday Monday. Busy Busy.


Rachel Hauser said...

Two very cute chicks destined to be very good layers. We are waiting for our first egg(s) from our Indian Runner Ducks. The ducks are mostly pets, but hubbie says they're supposed to be good layers too. I totally get it!

Monster of a leaf. Wow. But, heh, you live in FLORIDA. =)

Lynz said...

Look at the size of that leaf!!!! Wowsers! I love your wee hens - my mum is desperate for some but it's a big tie for her right now. When she retires I think it's a given. And thanks for the reminder - it's my wedding anniversary today! It's the 3rd here currently, 4pm and this is me remembering. No, we don't celebrate it! Funnily enough 12 years, too!

pinkbrain said...

Awww I just want to give Henrietta a big hug (although I'm guess if I tried she'd peck my eyes out). I love that leaf. So cool. I want to live in Jurassic Park! One of those badboys on my tiny little balcony and all of my noisy neighbours would disappear.

jen R said...

so you DID notice it! When I came over Saturday and you were talking to me in the living room I couldn't take my eyes off it through your window! I kept expecting to see a large dino leg standing behind it and then hear a long, low reverberating growl from outside. Wow how my mind can wander! I love your home!

SewAmy said...

such cute chicks. That leaf is the hugest one I have even seen!!

mrs.deane said...

Lovely and FUN update :O) I wish I had crazy/depressed/bossy chickens running around my home! Hee hee.