Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clarification, and flounces

Okay, so I guess that last post of mine sounded like I was whining about people not liking my blog. That wasn't my intention!! I think it's great if you like my blog because like I said, there's not much going on here most of the time and I'm not working my tail off to attract readers. Every time I see a new follower I'm like, "Oh wow!" followed by a puzzled, "really?"

I think the point I was trying to make in a somewhat facetious manner is that I did something I would normally NOT do--issuing a sort of sew-along-ish challenge--and got two responses. I thought it was funny. "Hey, let me feature you on my virtually unknown blog! Don't you two feel honored??" 

Anyway, nothing creative to post today. It's been gray and dreary and muggy and summertime seems to drive all creativity from my overheated humidified soul. Really. Then as soon as September hits and the windup of homeschooling/harvest festival/thanksgiving/christmas gets rolling, of course THAT is when I get hit with fifty billion ideas that have to happen right now

It's a cruel irony.

But I have been dying to make some pretty dresses. Soon I'm going to have my friend help me make a custom dressform so I can be less irritated trying to make clothes that fit. I don't even have a long mirror so every time I want to fit something I'm making I have to change into it, go back to my bedroom, and stand on an ottoman to see what it looks like. Aggravating. And dressforms from JoAnn's are just way too much money. While I wait for payday I'm dreaming of flounces:

My Version
This is a dress made by Sweetie Pie Bakery and I looooooveee it. I want to make it. But not strapless. Strapless does not look kindly upon the top-heavy. 

Happy Thursday.

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