Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ribbons in her hair

ribbons in her hair

I needed to do some art today. I just did. So here it is.
I know I already posted today but this can count as tomorrows since I'll be soaking up some rain at the beach all day. :)


Lynz said...

*jaw drops* Seriously? You just thought "I need to paint" and THAT is what leapt out yer fingers? Just like that, eh. Oh, it's a good job we've got the anniversary twins thing going on or I may need to like you a little less. I am a rather fetching shade of Kermit, currently. *grins*

P.S. WV is "plagual." A plagual on your head for being so damn talented!

FabricandFlowers said...


B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

Ugh, I've been feeling the urge to draw. Now I just need to find the time.

Andrea said...

very nice!