Saturday, July 16, 2011

Feelin' good

So as you may recall I mentioned before what a crazy to-do list I've got going on over here. Well as of today I got every last thing for the week checked off. 

#1: Make the last apron. 

A few weeks ago my friend Brooke asked me if I could sew some practical yet pretty aprons for her and two other girls who are opening a little coffee shop in our church. I whipped up the first two lickety-split, but for some reason the last one had me dragging my feet. This week I had to get it done.

#2: Yucky outdoor chores, including (but not limited to) sweeping the pool, building a ramp for my now outdoor bunny hutch, weeding, edging, and putting a border around some of my formerly raised garden beds. 

#3: Start doll quilt. Well shoot, I'm almost done already, which is crazy. Just gotta quilt and bind, and wham! Done!

#4: Work on do.Good Stitches quilt. I am currently having a love/hate relationship with this quilt, and I feel terribly guilty for inflicting such time-consuming blocks on my poor circle. I mean it's great in theory but in practice....gah. I don't even have decent pictures of my triangles to show so I'll just show you Jacey's, which are my favorites:

June: "Comfort" blocks

#5: Buy Thingummy 2.0. Sadly, a hawk smote the original Thingummy, which made me cry, Ilya get a wiggly chin, and Xander say, "Ha ha! We should buy ten more so that hawk will be all like, 'What?! I can't eat that many Thingummies!'" Erm. Yeah. That's my middlest son for you. Bob was despondent without her Thingummy, so we had to get a new one. There was a considerable size difference between the two but my concern was unfounded. Thingummy 2.0 and Bob are like peas and carrots now.

#6: Shop for food for 70+ kids. Ugh. Nuff said. Actually it went well and considering that I'm evil snack lady who makes kids eat real food, it didn't cost that much money. Yay!

#7: Make blocks 2 and 3 for Summer Sampler. I enjoyed these, except for the part where I put the Mosaic block together the wrong way. But then I decided I don't care, it's fine as is.

Greek Cross

Mosaic block

That was it. I mean on top of running a billion errands, having company, making and delivering food to a family with a new baby, and working on a new drawing...

And this was supposed to be my week to relax.


A Girl said...

are you going to have time to sleep? Good choice with the triangle blocks, even if they are time consuming. I love them!

rachel.lyn said...

sounds like you've been a busy bee too!

and that sweet bunny is OUTSIDE now?! ALL ALONE!!!!!!!?? olivia mentions her all the time. i will set aside a day a day to come when VBS is done..!

Rachel Hauser said...

Nice post, Jenn. I did icky outdoor chores this weekend when I thought I was well and they made me SOOOO sick. See, sewing never does that.

Sorry to hear about thingamummy. Our ducks just laid their first eggs! Kudos for being the mom that makes the kids eat real food. Take THAT!

B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

Thank you a thousand times for the aprons! We love them so much. A very awesome advantage to them (that I hadn't thought of before) is that I don't care so much what I wear to church now because I have a beautiful apron to wear overtop of it!

Jacey said...

Jenn, the triangle quilt is going to be amazing! I really can't wait to see it all come together. I just found your blog, and I've added you to my reader, so I can keep up with you here as well as flickr! By the way, I just love the ribbon in her hair sketch you did recently. It's so beautiful.

crazyhorse said...

I just randomly popped over here and saw the cutest apron in the world for the first time! :) Thanks so so much! I can't wait!