Friday, July 22, 2011

playing hooky. robots. hot air balloons.

Today was the last day of VBS, but with my youngest's snotty nose developing into a hoarse croupy cough, and my middlest son complaining of a headache and stomachache, we decided to forgo the final crazy day and stay home instead. My duties as lunchlady were taken over by my kind and brave friend Heather, who no doubt will get all the credit for finally giving the kids something yummy since that's what I had planned for today. Ha. 

Anyway, so I'm washing dishes this morning when over the noise of the water running I hear this strange, drawn-out WHOOOOSH. Then a few seconds later I hear it again. I turn off the sink to hear it better. My son says, "Did you hear that? Whatever it is it's scaring the bunn----AGGHH!!!" And he flies back from the window. I look out and right above our house, like I'm not kidding practically scraping the roof, is a huge hot air balloon! I rushed to get the camera, turned it on, and the dang memory stick was not inside (curse my bad habit of leaving it in the laptop!). So I didn't get a picture of the one that practically landed on us. But a minute or so later a whole flock of them is floating over our neighbors house, and I got a few pics of those.

There's something so surreal and neat about hot air balloons over your house at sunrise.

Later on the boys started regretting missing that last day of VBS, so we decided to try and have some cheap (read: free) crafty fun at home. Of all the ideas I suggested, they got excited about the one I wanted to do, too. Which was building robots out of junk. Here's mine (I'll post theirs later as they are still sticky with spray paint and they haven't finished embellishing yet).

recycled robot

Anyway, hope you're all having a great Friday.


Rachel Hauser said...

You have me laughing at how your friend will get the credit for your yummy treat plan today. Oh, thank-you! I needed a laugh today.

Natasha said...

I love the fact they wanted to do the one craft that you wanted as well. You might want to mark that on the least I would as my girls agreeing with me on a craft does not happen very often.

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Jennifer Russo said...

Slightly jealous over here...I sooo miss seeing the balloons in the morning near your house. I used to teach school very near you. I must say, however, that your robot is very humorous - I wish I could have my quirkyness come out so well...Great time spent with the kids I'm sure!!! :)