Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never again. EVER.

It's pouring buckets outside. Generally this is my favorite kind of weather, especially when I've got a good book and and thick blanket to burrow under.

But when I've got a dreaded project to finish, a downpour is downright depressing. 
Wait--don't go and think I don't enjoy my do.Good Stitches sewing. I've really enjoyed trying new blocks and styles I wouldn't have otherwise gotten around to auditioning. But. The triangle block. Stinks. I'll tell you why:

DGS Triange Quilt Top

1. It's a triangle. Which means that you're missing a ton of the space that that a 12.5" block would take up. So when you ask your circle to make two triangles, they are basically making 1 and a half squares. So your quilt comes up woefully short.

2. While my team made a brave effort, equilateral triangles ain't easy to pull off. Every single triangle I received was off by margins either small or large (including mine!!) which made putting it together a literal nightmare. 

3. I wrote "triangle" and "top" in the same title, and now all I see are skimpy bikinis all over this thing.

However--I do like the way it came out, even with all it's...quirks...and despite my not particularly enjoying the process. I think my circle did a good job with my lame idea and I know that the boy this is going to is not going to see all the faults and wonkiness. So I'm just going to tell myself to shut up now, and go read a book and enjoy the rest of this deluge before it's over and done!


Lyanna L. said...

You know, I actually like this quilt. I can imagine the nightmare of sewing it together though (yikes!) but I think it will turn out splendidly.

Jacey said...

Jenn, I think your idea was really fun, and I think you did an amazing job putting them together. It was very brave of you to step so far out of the comfort zone! I really do love it, and I think our recipient will, too.

felicity said...

I think it is great. Bias edges are the stuff of nightmares for me - you did a fabulous job!

Rachel Hauser said...

Agreeing with Jacey - you've really been brave. The layout you landed on is really cool. Sorry it's been a headache (or neck ache as it were...)!

Wendi said...

Even so, this quilt looks really cool and you're right, it will probably be very loved. : )

Rebecca said...

i can relate to the triangle nightmare. never again! but your quilt is really really beautiful. the colors are so striking and the points on all the triangles look so sharp! most of all it looks cozy and i'm sure it will be loved :o)

Brenis said...

Jenn, i feel your pain!! LOL! I have one that is "almost" finished - the top that is! And I thought i was being soo smart in the way i was constructing it, so i wouldn't have a ton of bias edge to deal with. Yah. Well. Not so much a smart way to go! haha! I WILL get it finished, this month hopefully, and then be done with it!! :D Congrats on finishing yours!