Friday, August 12, 2011

UFO week--Mal's big boy bed

Remember this? 

Mal's new bed, unfinished

Yeah. It's been sitting in my husbands shop, taking up space, having things dropped on it--it even had chicks roosting on it at one point. Mostly because once it was built I couldn't decide how to finish it. Paint? Stain? Plain with some varnish?

Eventually I decided to use some Ikea "antique" stain. I applied some to a piece of wood to test it and was not impressed. I didn't know what to do next. I stalled. I ignored. Eventually, in a combination of trying to be helpful and trying to get this thing OUT, my husband stained it for me. Which just left the varnishing. I did a coat yesterday and sanded it this morning. Since it's a toddler bed and will only be used for a little while, I opted against multiple layers of varnish and left good enough alone. Tada!

As you can see he's really enjoying this. The first thing he did when I put the mattress on was to flop on it and yell, "SLEEEP!!!!" at the top of his lungs. Then he went and got every single blanket from all over the house, piled it on, and burrowed in, and said, "Cool mama." Ha ha ha. 

I also put the Charley Harper quilt up there because it seemed to fit so well, plus my boys asked for it to be in their room. I think because the nerve cell looks vaguely alien and they're obsessed with aliens and monsters. I have no idea who they got that from. Wink wink. Nod nod.

On a side note, look at his face in this picture. This cracks me up--every time I say smile he does this face. I like that in his mind, "smile" means squint your eyes and look mischievous.

Anyway, UFO #2--Check. Next, the crazy flare jeans I had all but finished except the waistband. Off I go!


SewAmy said...

the bed looks fabulous. and so does the quilt on it and the one on the wall. Love them all.

Andrea said...

seems to enjoy his bed. beautiful room

Rachel Hauser said...

I do remember and it turned out so well! What a cute room. (And an even cuter smile!)

Kunklebaby said...

looks awesome & he is adorable!!