Thursday, September 29, 2011

the blahs

This past week has been pretty uninspiring for me. It's really really stupidly hot outside so I just couldn't bring myself to make anything fall-ish. And, I don't know, I'm just going through one of those phases where I don't even want to LOOK at my sewing room. Do any of you ever get like that? I'll be insanely creative for a few weeks, then get a week of the blahs and I look at my to-do list and I just can't make myself care.

Plus I've kind of been pouting about my sugar allergy. I hate to admit that, but there it is. 

ANYWAY, I think I'm emerging from the funk because yesterday I busted out a few fallish things that make me smile. I've had a stack of pretty colored felt sitting in my closet for months now, and coincidentally they just happened to be the exact colors I've been getting into for fall. So I made a leaf garland that was based on a split second glance at a picture I saw over at Stitched in Color. You can tell it's split second because I did it weird and mine isn't nearly as cool as the lady who did it first. But I still like it. I just couldn't get a good picture.

I also used that felt to make this Felt Rosette Wreath, which I totally adore and I'm so excited that I actually made myself something like this. Sometimes I get so into fabric that I forget there are other materials to try, and I really love the way felt looks in this kind of piece.

Welcome, fall!

Plus I feel like it makes my front door look so dressed up and nice. 

What do you think of these colors? I've been on an orange, gray, green and aqua kick for so long that these richer, deeper colors are really calling to me right now. Every year for three years I've said to myself that I want to get or make some more fall decorations, but here's the thing: I ABHOR orange and brown together. I mean, I really really hate that combination, and let's face it--all fall decorations are orange and brown. Bleh. So I feel like you know what, I'm going to pick colors I like that make me feel nice and fallish, and if nobody gets it oh well. I'm the one who has to live in it.

Felt rosette wreath

Don't these flowers just feel so cozy to you? It almost makes me want to make a whole bed of roses out of felt to snuggle up in. If only felt weren't so insanely itchy. 

Anyway, here's to saying goodbye to the blahs...for now. :)


Marilee said...

You certainly have the place to show it off. Love how well you did the wrapping of the wreath.

Beezus said...

Your front door is gorgeous!

And I know what you mean about orange and brown. The ugliest combination that I can think of, with maybe the exception of harvest gold and avocado green. Since both combos are etched in my childhood memories of what 70s style was really like (very burlappy, naugahide-y and heavy on the brown wood finishes), I can't stand to see fall decorations like those. Your wreath is a breath of fresh air!

Now, if you could just convince all those stores to stop carrying that overwhelming fake cinnamon that reeks to high heaven, you might be my favorite new hero! lol

Rachel Hauser said...

Wow, but your door is so pretty itself. Wow! Our door has funny windows that I think look funny with a wreath, but maybe someday I'll get over that. I do LOVE your wreath and glad you indulged!

Wendy said...

Yep, I know exactly how you feel, I've just come out of that particular funk myself. I've just discovered that I'm allergic to yeast. Doesn't sound so bad until you find out I can't eat cheese, bread, bacon, mushrooms, any processed foods, cakes, biscuits, chocolate or anything with sugar!! I'm going to waste away (trying to look on teh bright side, it wont last long!) I feel your pain.

Hitch and Thread said...

Love your wreath AND your door. It's heading towards summer here too and the hotter it is the less I feel like doing. Give me a cold, rainy day anytime!

Linda Beth said...

I go through funks like that every few months, without fail. I find that sometimes just giving in and allowing myself to NOT be productive in the sewing room, and instead read a fluffy novel or something like that works. After about a week or so I'm usually ready to get back to it.

And the beginning of fall is a great time to reset and restart! It looks like you're on your way!

rachel.lyn said...

you know...i have a birthday coming up and that wreath is awfully pretty...juuuuuuust sayin ;)