Tuesday, October 11, 2011

jenny jenn and funky funk

Well, hi.

I am here to confess that I have been in severe funk lately. 
Nothing inspires me.
The sight of my sewing room makes me feel vaguel nauseated. 
Before, seeing pictures of people having a grand ole time at the Sewing Summit would have left me green with envy. But all I feel is a vague sense of, "Well isn't that nice for them."

In an effort to just, y'know, muscle through it, I decided today was going to be the day I finished my embroidery for Celebrate Color. I sat on the couch and stitched away, and at last it was done! The only thing was, I changed my mind about fifteen times as to what this was going to end up being. In the end I decided that I wanted it to stay a hoop, but with some improv piecing surrounding it.

fall hoop

Maybe it's just this funk, but I am not in love with the result. I can't even say why. It's just...meh. 

I do like the embroidery, though. And I really enjoyed the process of working on this. It was my first time working with some different stitches, and it was nice to sort of broaden my horizons in that area. 

fall hoop close up

One thing I know for sure: I should have gone with a grey background fabric. I am not a brown person but I guess I had it in my head that if there's no brown, it can't be fallish. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. Gray is just me. Period. Regardless of season. I should have stuck to my guns but I let online peer pressure sway me. Never again.

Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed that this malaise leaves me soon, otherwise...(cue doomsday music)


blessedby5 said...


I love it and uhm I see some really cute fabrics in there:-) Will have to chat later. Beautiful work again my friend.

Kelly Irene said...

The embroidery is really beaufitul. I am sorry you're in such a funk. I spent the first three months of the year like that and eventually it just "passed". I hope it passes more quickly than that for you. How is everything going with the diet changes??

Elsa said...

Your embroidery is beautiful and the fabric surrounding it is lovely too. I've been in a bit of a funk myself lately. Don't know what it is, but I'll sure be glad when it passes. Thanks so much for sharing inspiration with me.

pinkbrain said...

So do something else instead! Why slog through and then not be happy with the results?

Also? Your embroidery is lovely!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

So lovely!!!

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful work, and great matching. Absolutely love it.