Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quit yer whinin', will ya?

Okay so I just realized that I posted two whiney posts in a row. Sorry about that, people! I'm resolving to be in a better mood. And I'm resolving not to blog when I have a migraine and my kids are sick and whiney. Ha. Lesson learned!

Today I realized that this month is flying by, and I needed to do my October blocks for do.Good Stitches. Laura is our quilter this month and she chose to do the X string block which, coincidentally, has been on my short list of blocks I really really wanted to try for the last two years. She asked for brights on a grey background, and here's what I came up with from the ole scrap bin.

DGS October Block

Generally speaking I have not loved making string blocks. I thought this one would be the same but awesomely, it was really fun to do and I love the way it looks. This one is definitely going to stay on my "one day" list. (I won't even bother calling it a to-do list because honestly, it might never happen. :)

This month also marks the end of my leadership of the Comfort Circle for do.Good Stitches. It's very bittersweet for me to be stepping down--we've had a great year and I love what this group does for needy families. However, I was feeling way too overloaded and when the work you do out of love becomes a stressful duty it's time to step back and reorganize. I hope that sometime I'll be able to rejoin a circle when my schedule is less hectic. A big fat HUGE thank you to all my quilters and stitchers who have helped produce some truly beautiful quilts for others this year. Also, thank you to Rachel of Stitched in Color for being the most mulit-talented multi-tasker ever and organizing this amazing group of quilters.

Less pathetically than yesterday,


Laura said...

Jenn, you will definitely be missed. I've enjoyed serving with you and look forward to maybe joining up again one day in the future!

Jacey said...

You did a great job with our circle, Jenn! I appreciate all of your hard work. And your new blocks look really nice! I've got to get started on mine!

Jessica said...

Your block is very pretty! I wanted to tell you that at our Cincinnati MQG meeting tonight, a member Janie brought a mini quilt she made that she said was inspired by your zig-zag quilt. It was super-cute and she was really excited to have found your inspiration. (I have no idea if she has a blog or anything you could see it on.) Anyway, hope that encourages you in your blah-ness!

Rachel Hauser said...

Ah, look at your header - CUTE! Ok, now I have to say that I did that same block and it was like pulling teethe for me. Glad you liked making it =)