Friday, November 4, 2011

ain't no sunshine when he's gone...but there is dressing up

So. About that lack of blogging.

I have an excuse. Really. TWO excuses that are interrelated actually. It's stupendous. You're gonna like it. Ready?

I'm starving. 

Well okay not to death or anything. My doctor recommended I do a liver detox (I hate the way that sounds, like I'm some sick junkie laying off the smack for awhile or something) so this week I've only been allowed to drink these horrible baby-formula smelling shakes, and one type of organic vegetable a day. It actually hasn't been that bad (I'm on day five now so the food withdrawal is pretty much over) but let's just say it's left me less that excited about life. Add to that the fact that my man has been out of town all week, my homeschooled (i.e., home all the time giving me no break ever EVER EVER!!) children are in their best brat modes, and you have a recipe for grumpy brain-fogged Jenn. I miss my husband. I want food. Etc.

I have, however, been sewing. Strangely I can still do that even though I can't concentrate on anything else, or make sense verbally, or function as a responsible, dinner-cooking adult. It's like sewing is one of those autonomic functions that require no actual thinking for me. Awesome, eh? One of the things I made this week is this tunic.

peanut butter jelly time

I used Simplicity pattern 2363 to make a long dress. Then I put it on. ICK. Oh my. All that peanut butter brown fabric in a shapeless sack on my big-busted not-slim body was absolutely atrocious. So I chopped it off and made it a tunic. Oh and I had to take the sleeves in as well because with arms at my sides they stuck straight out and looked hilarious. Anyway, I like the way it came out even if what I really wanted was a dress, and it's not the most flattering shape on me. It's comfy. So that's a bonus. 

I also started my son's Christmas quilt, finished hand-stitching my niece's stuffed bat, and made a few other odds and ends that can't really be photographed just yet.

We also had some friends over on Saturday and spent a little time carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds and watching old movies, which was nice. Mines the one about to barf over there. My oldest made one with one with multiple personalities on the left, so there were a variety of faces to choose from. Ha.


And now onto the next bit of, um... dorkiness.

Something about being at home alone with no real motivation to do anything productive makes me want to dress up. Y'know. Try weird makeup. Try on strange combinations of clothing. I was doing a little research for a dress-up party I'm going to next month, and one youtube video led to another, and, well...I got the wild hair to try a little 40's style hairdo and makeup. And then take pictures of it. And then put it on here just because I nearly never have pics of myself on here. So here you go with some grown up silliness:

check out my crappy camera. oh, and there's me.


not so victorious victory curls

Oh my. The urge to delete those is nearly unbearable, but what the heck.

Hope you all are having a good week, and enjoying eating food.


Rachel Hauser said...

I'm so glad you left them up - the pictures are totally adorable. Looks like you're having as much fun as a person can have on a liver cleanse ;)

BTw, I'm feeling the never, ever, ever get a break thing today too. Thank goodness it's bedtime.

Jessica said...

I think your hair looks so good. You work that 40's shit girl!

otterdaughter said...

You look FABULOUS! I wish I could do the '40s look like that.

And while I may not have kids, I am a full-time caregiver for my 80ish mom. I totally understand never ever EVER getting a break thing too.

Beezus said...

Gorgeous! Totally jealous of the hair (said the woman who wears a wig these days -- lol). It definitely suits you!

Lynz said...

Nooo, don't delete them! God, Jenn, you're so pretty. And I totes knew that was forties hair! I wish I had enough to try it out!

P.S. LOVE the about-to-hurl punkin!

MeganN said...

Love the 40's look on you I think you look fabulous!

Ali said...

You are gorgeous!! You should come do my hair up like that! :)

Wendy said...

If it makes you feel any better, I too am barely allowed to eat food. I'm on a yeast-free diet - and that includes anything with vinegar or sugar. You should see what that leaves.... oh, and I'm not allowed fruit - just one banana a day. I have to do it for 3 months, then I'll only get to reintroduce food very very slowly. Feel any betteR?

Jacey said...

The tunic and the hairstyle are both amazing! You're so cute!

Jennifer R said...

Love the tunic! Love the hair! Love the clutch. 40's never looked so....WHAT????? :)