Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The dog ate my camera

Okay, so I actually do realize that I ended my last post with "I promise to do better" and then proceeded to post nothing for almost two weeks. But I have an excuse! Really!

Actually I have several. First of all, I was in the home stretch of detoxing and not feeling particularly crafty, but then that went away and I got hyper and productive and basically too busy a-makin' stuff to sit down and take pictures. And then when I realized that I hadn't posted in too long I resolved to do a massive photo-shoot but then...I couldn't find my camera! I looked high and low and tried like mad to figure out where I could have put it. I suspected Malcolm immediately. You see, my youngest is a total klepto--anything small and not-nailed-down ends up in his pockets--or in his "stash" as we call it (the stash has been searched for but never found; after weeks of searching for the tv remote or the computer mouse he'll walk into the room and hand it over as nonchalantly as a toddler can to the bewilderment of us all). Well anyway, after an hour of looking I called my husband to give him the bad news: yet another electronic object disappeared into the black hole of Malcolm's cache. But then he told me he'd taken it--he put it in his backpack before he went hunting and it's been in his truck this whole time. Well it's been four days and I keep forgetting to get it out of his truck. It's like a recurring brainfart. As soon as he's away I think, "Dangit! I forgot again!" and as soon as he comes home I'm up to my eyeballs in dinner and getting the kids fed and kitchen cleaned and jammies on that the camera is the last thing on my mind. 


I'm hoping that by taking the time to acquit myself of the crime of negligence I will imprint the need to get the camera out of the stinkin' truck tonight. 

Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up..focus is not one of my strong suites but you just keep working on it. I actually have a small clock which my husband gave me and on it, the maker's name perhaps is the word "focus"...that is in my studio for a reason...a little kind jolt when I lose track of time. (my DH said he wasnt aware of this fact when he bought it and I believe him because it is in the shape of a dolphin and is about 2-3 inches high oh and I have to be wearing glasses to see the actual word "focus"..but I know it is there anyway, it works for me)