Tuesday, January 3, 2012

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I'm back! Today I'm posting about a few of my favorite things from the past month. 

First up, meet Mr. Angry Pig. 

angry pig

I saw this tutorial in the beginning of December and knew I wanted to make some angry birds. We are not iPhone people, in fact, the only apple product in our whole house is one really old iPod nano. But every time we're around our extremely apple-happy relatives, my boys latch onto someone's phone to play angry birds. I thought it would be fun for them to throw them at each other. So I made three pigs, and a red, yellow, and blue bird for them. The pig is my favorite.

Next up, the superhero cape!
superhero cape back

superhero cape

I tried to make as many gifts as possible this year, especially for kids. My friend's little boy likes to dress up in costumes, and she told me that he would love a superhero cape. After looking at a few tutorials I decided it couldn't be THAT difficult so I just made up my own pattern. I used some thick satiny fabric and then some metallic pleather for the appliqued "A". I loved how nice it came out, and my kids are now requesting that I make some for them, too. I'm pretty sure the recipient liked it too since he was wearing it Christmas Eve and Christmas day as well. :)
Some of my other faves are ones you've seen, like the plum velvet clutch I made for a friend and my fabric map (which is languishing on the wall for lack of attention).

I wanted to show you my new dress, but it's currently at the bottom of a big pile of laundry that needs me to do something about it. Ha. 

Today we started school again, and the reality of holidays being over is slowly sinking in. I still have Christmas decorations to take down, and probably 20 pounds of deer sausage and jerky to make. 

Stinking reality. :)

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