Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lightning strikes; resolutions

Lately I see lightning quilts popping up everywhere. On flickr, on blogs, and when I did one of those searches to see what pictures of mine are on Pinterest (which, sadly, I've still not been able to join because I refuse on principle to have a Facebook account. Period.) the pictures that have been pinned the most are of my lightning quilts. 

It's nice, and slightly funny to me. The funniness is mostly from how easy they are to make; so easy, in fact, that I almost feel guilty at how quickly they come together. As if a quilt so hastily made must have come about by some sort of cheating. But still. It's a very fun quilt. I particularly like this block arrangement I came across the other day by velvetdog76:

Heat Lightning

Anyway, all this to say that my first lightning quilt (made for my DQS11 partner) has been featured today over at Generation Q Magazine. Woot! Check it out (and all the other goodies on there, of which there are plenty).

Life around here is slowly settling back into the non-holiday groove, and I find myself getting more and more in the mood to create things for the sake of creating--no deadlines, no worrying if someone else will like or appreciate it--I just want to MAKE and DO and ENJOY. Which goes for a lot of things actually. I want to enjoy time with my kids. I want my workouts to be something fun and not just work. I want to look forward to each week rather than to count down the days till the next weekend. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but this is something that I think is a good thing to resolve to do: enjoy life, even on the hard days, even doing mundane chores or cleaning up the fiftieth mess off the kitchen floor. I want my life to be full of joy but that's something that requires work. Work and quite possibly an attitude adjustment. Ha. 

Oh, and if all goes according to plan, I will be participating in my first sprint triathlon in June. So there. 

What about you all? Any resolutions this year?


Melanie said...

Congrats on the feature! You deserve it!

I love your resolutions and will try to incorporate them into my life. Not the triathalon, mind are on your own there. :) Here's to a very happy healthy 2012!

Heather said...

I don't think you have to be on Facebook to join Pinterest but I could be wrong. I think you can join with just your email address to create your account. If you'd like an invite I'd be happy to send you one.

Jules said...

pinterest is separate from facebook.
And you are seeing these pop up because we had a swap group make these blocks and we used your tutorial. so thank you! it was the "heat lightning" group on flickr.

Beezus said...

Congrats on being featured!

I didn't really make a resolution, but I made a decision some months ago that I just want to be more present . . . as in, living in the present. Which is just another way of saying what you said, and enjoying life right now, no matter what the day brings. :)

Wendy said...

You don't have to be on Facebook to join Pinterest. It lets you sign in with facebook, if you want, but my Pinterest account isn't linked to my facebook, I sign in with my email address. Let me know if you want a Pinterest invitation

daisy and jack said...

Hi Jenn - I'm so glad you're seeing that fabulous quilt everywhere - I've got them on my pin board, favourites on flickr and on my inspiration board in my sewing room as well - I also emailed you when I first saw them on your blog about a pattern and I'm so grateful that you did that fabulous tutorial - I'm about to make my first one for a blog hop in April and I'm going to do a trial as a giveaway on my blog at the end of february - can't wait to get it done - thanks again for your fabulous design and constant inspiration :)