Thursday, February 16, 2012

life intervenes.

So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around?
--Kathleen Kelly, "You've Got Mail"

Lately it seems like I can't get caught up with this blogging thing--it's like life is getting out of control and I can't contain it within the little box of blogland. And I am okay with that. Sometimes I go through these phases where I live to browse and favorite and bookmark and pin. I can't separate my brain from the abstract ether of the internet, and find myself looking blearily away from my screen and being jolted by the revelation that rather than living my life, I just frittered away hours looking at the lives of others and thinking how I could make mine more like theirs. 

That ain't right. But anyhoo. 

I am now on Pinterest. Thank you all for all your suggestions and offers to invite me--it was actually my friend's suggestion that I set up a dummy Twitter account (I don't even have a working cell phone, ha) and use that to log in that finally worked. At first I was worried that it would turn into yet another life-sucking internet activity for me, but it's actually been a good thing so far. I've already put some ideas to use, like making cheap, DIY laundry soap:

I used this recipe (and added the Downy Unstoppables for some smellums), making only a third of the recipe to test it out. So far so good, and you can't beat a gallon of laundry soap for about a buck fifty. 

I also made some DIY handsoap out of glycerin and a bar of Tom's Lavender soap. It has a vaguely gooey, snotlike consistency, but it works and smells great so I'm happy.

I've also started making placemats to protect our awesome new table. Finished painting my bathroom. Planted all my seeds for this year's garden. And finished my "Fab Little Quilt" partner's quiltie:

FLiQ {finished}

I absolutely love how this came out. I love the colors, the patterns, the quilting--all of it. I really hope my partner loves this because I feel like I'm gonna have a real hard time parting with it. I mean not just because those are my last scraps of Mendocino.

FLiQ {quilting detail}

I also love the quilting. I wanted to do something a little different for me, so I tried a bit of everything--stitch in the ditch, free motion quilting, wavy lines, echo quilting. I feel like it really works with the design and all. 

Anyway, I just need to finish hand sewing the binding, and make the label, and then I'm done!


Rachel Hauser said...

I absolutely love the quilting, Jenn. Gorgeous! I'm glad you'll just pop in here and there. Better than not seeing you at all. I'm thinking today about the problem of over-inspiration. Maybe will post about it...

Elizabeth said...

Jenn, I made that detergent yesterday and washed two loads with it today. LOVE IT! I saw an update on the blog it was originally posted on where some people said it faded their clothes really fast. Hoping that doesn't happen to me...the lady who posted about it originally said she'd been using it for 3 months and didn't have that problem, so who knows. far, so good. :)

B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

I love You've Got Mail....
And I love those mermaids. Oh, Heather Ross.
I know how you feel about blogging too. I'm soaking up creativity rather than spewing it out. I think I'm okay with that for the time being although I do hope my productivity returns soon. By the way, I love the new Spring header, the purple and yellow :)

Jennifer Russo said...

Jenn, the quilt came out SOOOooo cute! I loved the variety of stitches... clever! Hoping some day I'll have a machine that allows free motion like yours :)

I've been wanting to try the laundry soap recipe and bought 1/2 the ingredients so far. If you see another recipe you want to try and don't want to buy all the ingredients we could get together and split the cost for the "trial" of the recipe. Does that make sense?

Glad to see you back on - and kudos for getting your garden started - jealous!... and so encouraged to see all that you accomplish - it pushes me - so thanks :)

daisy and jack said...

that quilt turned out so fabulous - I can understand that it would be hard to part with - wish I was your partner :)

Cherry said...

What a beautiful little quilt! I'm enjoying reading your blog and am a happy new follower :-)