Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Memories Review + {giveaway}

Hi Guys!
So recently I was contacted by the folks at My Memories, a company that makes digital scrapbooking software. They asked me to try their program and review it here on my blog, and then offer my readers the chance to win the software themselves.

Now, I am the first to admit that there a few creative things that I...ahem...suck at, and the second place prize goes to scrapbooking. (Take a look at the pictures on my other posts and try to figure out which one wins first place.) I can spend hours with paper and scissors and glue and come up with something that looks like my fourth grader made it. *sigh* So when I first opened up the program, I was a bit apprehensive.

But aside from the learning curve that comes with figuring out any new software, I thought it was really straightforward and easy to manage. Many of the controls and options are comparable to Photoshop, which makes it easy on people familiar with that program. But it's way cooler than Photoshop if you're looking to make cute layouts quickly and without a lot of fuss and figuring stuff out.

The first thing I tried was just a standard template of a photobook.

You have the option to add or take away any of the stock layouts that are part of the album, and then it's just a matter of adding photos and text. You can personalize all you want with embellishments, word art, background papers, etc.

Ignore my silly blurbs, I was just playing around.

Then I decided to see how I liked the program when starting from scratch. Blank page, lots of possibilities. I definitely spent way more time on this one, but mostly because I was having fun.

I like that the program comes with enough "extras" to keep you from feeling short-changed, or like you can't use the program unless you immediately rush to the online store to buy more stuff. But it's also cool that you can add on a lot of fun stuff if you want, and it's not consumable. Seriously, I've shopped for scrapbooking supplies on a few occasions and wow, is that stuff expensive! And then once you run out of brads, or paper, or whatever, you have to buy more. So I can definitely see the draw for doing this digitally.

So now for the fun part. First of all, I get to offer my readers the chance to win the My Memories Suite V3 digital scrapbook software. All you have to do is head over to their site, look around, and tell me which digital paper pack or layout you like best. Then come back and leave a comment telling me which one you picked. For an extra chance to win, let me know you that you follow my blog. That's it! I will do a random drawing on Monday, May 21st and announce the winner the following day.

Second of all, I'm giving you this coupon code, good for $10 off the purchase price of the My Memories Suite V3 software. If you buy it, the software also comes with a $10 coupon toward downloading more stuff! Here's the code, copy, paste, share with friends: STMMMS76812

That's it! Good luck everyone!


blessedby5 said...

Liked the Vintage Sepia, very pretty.

blessedby5 said...

I uhhh.. folllow your blog:-))

mrs.deane said...

I guess I'm too late for this now... :O( Anyway. I love that page you made that is like a to-do list!

I hope you're doing well!