Saturday, May 19, 2012

back in the saddle

I have to admit I've been in a crafty slump lately. Sewing (or painting or anything else creative) is usually inversely proportional to my level of busyness, and lately I've been busy busy busy. But yesterday I decided okay, seriously, it's time to make something already.

So I pulled out my scrap bins and decided to finally make me some x + blocks. I'm going to make blocks as I feel like it, in no hurry, and ONLY out of scraps. I like the idea of a totally random, scrappy, improvised quilt. I mean okay the blocks are not improvised, but I mean I plan on using every scrap, every color, etc. 

scrappy x + blocks

Then I decided to draft a pattern for some slippers. I wanted something similar to the look of Tom's, but without the hefty pricetag. (Yes, I know it's for a good cause but I'm broke, okay!?) After a lot of seam ripping and re-drafting, I made these. I lined them with flannel and the soles are real leather. They didn't come out looking exactly how I wanted, and I definitely want to tweak the pattern a bit for the future, but they are certainly comfy. Like ballet slippers. And I love those elephants.


Anyhoo. Hopefully this enforced sewing will give me a bit of a kick in the pants in the creative department.

Has anyone else tried making your own slippers before? I'm curious about how others might handle lining it, or the heel shape, etc.


Cherie said...

Oh, I love those! I'd be happy to be a pattern tester for you :-)

SewAmy said...

I love them, they look so cute and super comfy. I have never tried to make slippers before. It scares me just a bit. How hard were they to make?

Wendy said...

fab slippers, and designed by you! i tried to make a pair of slippers from one of Tone Finnanger's books and failed miserably!

Rachel Hauser said...

Go Jenn! Your slippers look great.

Jennifer R said...

Love the slippers! And yes...tried my own after my fav pair of Acorns had a heel blowout. They came out okay but had trouble with the fitting around the ankle. My Acorns had more "give" than these.

Jeanne said...

How do you make those X blocks? Is there a pattern I could buy somewhere? I love it.