Thursday, May 31, 2012

thirteen by thirteen

Ever feel like you've gotten into a routine that has faded from satisfying and orderly to just plain dull?

Some days I find myself doing the same endless chores, cooking the same meals, getting frustrated at my kids for doing the same wrong things, and I think, is this it? Is this all I'm going to do from now until eternity?

Don't get me wrong. I like having a routine in general. I'm a fan of order, and of the comfort that comes from knowing exactly what you're supposed to do. But sometimes you need a keep you feeling alive, y'know?

So with that in mind, I've decided to make a list that I'm calling thirteen by thirteen: a list of thirteen things I'd like to do before the year is out. Some of them might not happen because of money, or time constraints, but I'm putting it up here anyway. Call it a wish list that I will do my best to get done.

1. Take a dance class. Tap (which I've always wanted to do) or ballet (which I'm scared to do because I am not graceful and thus feel like would be more character-building.)

2. Henna my hair. I've got the supplies, what I lack is the courage.

3. Make Baked Alaska.

4. Finish every last half-finished project sitting in my studio.

5. Build a chicken coop for my poor squashed chickens.

6. Learn to shoot a gun well.

7. Be able to a handstand.

8. Read Anna Karenina. The only reason I haven't yet is because SOMEBODY ruined the ending for me.

9. Plant ranunculus somewhere in my yard.

10. Learn how to smock.

11. Start keeping a sketch journal again. 

12. Go camping, even if it's just setting up the tent in the backyard. 

13. Build a city out of paper.

That's it. Anyone feel inspired to make a list of their own? Do it do it! And let me know if you post about it, because I'm nosy and I want to know what other people aspire to do. :)


Jacey said...

Fun list! Some of those are very attainable goals, I think. I wanted to mention that the latest issue of Stitch magazine (so, spring?) has a pretty neat section on smocking. I am planning to try it soon, too!

SewAmy said...

I do have a list in my head, but nothing compared to yours. Mine are tiny things. I think the most courageous of mine is to learn to play the piano, but I'll never do it because we don't own a piano.

Melanie said...

What a great post! I think I might try to make one. Maybe it will help me actually help me accomplish some of the things on it...

Rachel Hauser said...

Really, where are all the ranunculus? They're such a gorgeous flower! Some good goals there. Hey, I can handstand (or at least I could last year... I guess that could be out by now). And I want to learn to smock too.

Elizabeth said...

Yes to everything you said. ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE. I'm going to make a list, too!! Here's the first thing: learn how to do the Crow position for yoga class!! ;)

Beezus said...

Don't be shy with the hair. Have you seen my pink 'do? ;) I've posted a picture to my flickr account.

My husband and I took some dance classes a few years ago -- granted, it was social dance, but I'm so glad we did it. Not only was it character-building, but it was so fun. Good luck on your 13. :)

Needle little Balance said...

To finish every WIP in my craft room would be a list of 13 things already (more or less) and sadly enough I´m not sure if I could make that until the end of this year.

blessedby5 said...

the cookies made me do it:-)
thank you again by the way!

mrs.deane said...

I love this list!

Make the Baked Alaska! It's yummy! My mom used to make it for my dad on his birthday - there was a good ten year period when that was all he would ever request for dessert. It's easier than it seems, really.

Love to you!

Note: How can I prove that I'm not a robot when I can hardly make out what in the world the words below are supposed to be?!?

B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

I will totally take dance classes with you. Let me know if you find a studio for adults! Although...I don't think I have my tap shoes anymore.

mrs.deane said...

Maybe you can try these: