Monday, October 15, 2012

when to say "when"

I've been holding out for two months now, hoping that my pictures (which were all downloaded to the broken laptop just before it kicked the bucket) would be released from purgatory so I could blog about our trip and other happenings. I was afraid, I guess, that if I waited too long to talk about those things, I would forget to write about them at all and the experience would be lost.

Because that's happened before. And it's sad.

But the laptop is still down, and the farther I get away from the last blog post, the less I feel like doing it at all. So it's time to just move on with it I guess, and hope that when at last my pictures have served their time in prison the memories will still be fresh enough to jot down.  I'm saying "when."

Here are a few things I've made lately.

A Christmas present for my friend's adorable baby, Elliette. I saw one like it on Pinterest and had to sew one myself.

My youngest brother is gettin' hitched in a little over a month (!!) and he and his soon-to-be wife asked for a quilt as close as I could get to the Kitchen Sink quilt I made a few years back. Lots of colors in this one, and pieces of just about every fabric I own. I really love the all-over-the-place quilts because it's like a scrapbook for all the fabrics I loved and used for other quilts over the years.

I've also spent a lot of time doodling, painting, painting walls, peeling wall paper off, and gardening. Lots and lots of gardening. But also painting. I'm really trying to spend more time playing with watercolors because "loose" is SO not my strong point. The above is still pretty uptight but I think I'm getting better. Maybe. Possibly.

Also, I've been chosen by Rachel over at Stitched In Color to be a part of the Blue Moon Scrap Challenge. We get some scraps to play with (for free!) and then we have to make and blog about said project by a certain date. I'm excited, I've been wanting to try these for awhile:

Anyhoo, I think that's enough to be getting on with. Time to go do some math now.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying over this deer! soooooooooo cute! You are so talented! Can you just give me one talent that you have that way you would still have…like…a thousand things your good at and I would have…one! Love the samples you got. they have a feather shape going on that looks cool!

Jenn Grigoryev (jenn of all trades) said...

Esther: Oh. BROTHER. Don't try to pretend you're not talented.

And I can't wait for Elliette to be able to drool all over the deer.

rachel.lyn said...
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rachel.lyn said...

cuuuuuuuuuute deer.

mrs.deane said...

Yay! An update.

Unfortunately, though, your watercolor painting is just terrible. Awful really.



It is so very, VERY pretty, Jenn.

I love it.

I am eager to see what you share next :O)

Love, Susan

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Haha, I'm laughing at that comment about your painting. I think it's lovely. I can't paint one bit. Or, at least nothing resembling anything.

sooo.. yes, the dear is amazing! And the kitchen sink quilt sounds like a very nice time.

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