Thursday, September 20, 2012

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Hey. About that internet silence.

Two words: Busted. Laptop.

That's the bad. The good? My mom had an apple computer she wasn't using, and offered it in exchange for my husband to fix up my stepdad's gun. Yes!

The ugly: the horrendous pictures my ancient camera takes. The disadvantage of having a giant, HD computer is that I can see very clearly just how awful my pictures are. AND--there's no place on this computer to stick my memory card, which means I need that USB cable that came with my camera a million years ago which I have since lost.

So. About that internet silence. Yeah.

The thing is I'm dying to share some stuff with you all--quilts in progress, pictures of my trip to Birch (Fabricworm!) fabric store in California....aahhhhh!!!

Oh well. I guess you'll have to wait. Boo.


Nadine said...

Ha, I laughed out loud when you said "offered it in exchange for my husband". You really must love macs. But come to think of it, I might be tempted to offer my man in exchnge for an iPad.

Jenn Grigoryev (jenn of all trades) said...

Sheesh! Nice, Jenn!
In defense of my atrocious grammar, I did spend all morning doing math homework that involved reworking ambiguous statements with unintended second meanings. :)