Tuesday, December 4, 2012

away down south in dixie

Last night, after TWELVE hours of traveling, we finally got back in from our sojourn up north. Hahahaha, up north, what am I saying? We were totally in the south. But directionally, yes, it is north of us. ANYWAY, I forgot my camera like a moron so I can't shower you with bad pictures of pastel layers of mountains, lakes glinting golden in the sunrise, antique shops and gem museums, bridal finery and the complete and utter disaster that was my dad's kitchen after days of cooking for a huge rehearsal dinner. So. Sad. You'll just have to imagine it.

But I can tell you it was awesome.

We had a great time. I loved the change of scenery and weather, I loved seeing my oldest stiff as a board in his rented suit holding my brother and sister-in-law's rings, I especially loved seeing my niece in her pretty flower girl dress and flowery braided hair unapologetically picking her wedgie through the whole ceremony. Priceless.

I also loved that even if it was slightly weird, for the first time in years my whole family (step-families and in-laws and all) was together in one place at one time.

I love that I have a new sister-in-law who thinks my poop stories and fart jokes are funny. And who obviously loves my brother to death.

I loved driving in the dark in a direction we'd never been before and taking a day to explore a new place (northern Alabama is awesome), watching my kids being chased by geese, eating greasy pizza while standing up in a hotel room, and cleaning up puke.

Okay, I didn't enjoy cleaning up puke. But a road trip isn't a road trip until one or more kid barfs. We went two out of three this time.

I loved eating at Cracker Barrel, which we do very infrequently and in large doses. The last time (number three this trip), our waitress charged us less for our orange juices because, as she said, "I got youngins, too, and I know every little bit helps."

She said "youngins". Without any irony.

I freaking love the south.

And now I'll leave you with an iPhone picture my sister-in-law took of my uptight eldest in his suit, just because I find it adorable and hilarious.

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B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

He looks so handsome and SO much like Art!