Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Down to business

For some reason I thought that coming off a five day whirlwind of traveling, wedding stuff, and sightseeing would have left me exhausted and incapacitated for at least a few days. But I found the opposite to be true--Tuesday morning I woke up well rested, hive-free, and bouncing off the walls in excitement to do Christmasy stuff.

The first order of business was to find a use for this cool...thing...I found in a thrift store in North Carolina. It reminded me of something Scandanavian and I knew it would go well with the little white houseplant pots I've had from Ikea for forever. I don't really like random bowls of useless stuff sitting around my house so I figured I'd use it as another little planter. The idea was to have trailing ivy spilling over the sides...I guess eventually that will happen.

I'd also gotten an elongated lamp thingy and a plate that I planned on using as a fake bell jar until I can afford a real one. For now, I'm too lazy to start a terrarium so I put a bottle brush tree in instead.

Every year for the last few years we've done an advent calendar, but rather than just put in treats or presents, I also put in cards that have things to do on them. Crafts, baking, trips to see the HOBBIT (I can't even tell you how nervous I am that it's going to be lame. I just don't know if anything can compare to the LOTR trilogy. Don't make me hate you, Peter Jackson!!). Today's card revealed that it was a snowflake-making extravaganza.

My eldest is nothing if not literal. He heard "extravaganza" (then asked what it meant) and then proceeded to use up who knows how many sheets of computer paper. I don't even know what the tally is at this point but I know we're pretty much set for snowflakes this year.

What is that crazy face he's making back there?? Ha.

I also got in a baking mood. I started up some bread in the bread machine for lunch, whipped up six mini-loaves of banana bread to give away, made homemade eggnog (a first!) and started making chocolate rum truffles.

Everything was great but the truffles...ugh!! Total disaster. I should have known when I read the ingredients (butter, egg yolk, etc.) that it wouldn't be any good. But I persevered thinking maybe my way isn't the only way to go. The result was a crumbling mess that melted instantly in the heat of my hands. Yuck. Next time I stick with tried and true.

Still. I feel super duper Christmasy and happy and can't wait to start the next thing! Thanks to Pinterest, I'm over-inspired. I don't even know where to start.

What about you all? What is inspiring you the most right now? Enquiring minds want to know. :)


Olivia said...

the HOBBIT trailers do not give me much hope but maybe I am wrong.

rachel.lyn said...

that planter was such a steal!